Rethinking Coloniality From A Civilisational Perspective

Few have taken the effort to explore the politico-theological basis of this malaise called colonialism.

America Needs A Better Answer To The China Question

With the recent Hypersonic Missile test by China, experts have raised concerns over the possibility of a new arms race. However, if Washington hopes to maintain its position as the pre-eminent power it needs to provide the world with tangible evidence of its benevolent nature.

Gandhi: The ‘Mahatma’ and The Pedestal Leaders Occupy

It was the confidence that Gandhi brought that made it acceptable for people to go to jail, take the attacks of the government head-on and have faith in the idea of self-rule.

We Need To Rethink The Rules Of Warfare

In current diplomatic discourse, there is consensus that jus ad bellum needs to keep up with the dynamic changing methods of war.

Wide Angle: India’s Rocky Roads To Growth

Courtesy their long gestation periods, and often riddled with delays and lapses, infrastructure projects demand a different kind of borrowing and spending. While ideas like a corporate bond market are more ideally suited for the task, these remain severely underdeveloped in India. The alternative proposed by the government, is a DFI — a Development Finance Institution.‍

Wide Angle: Ayodhya May Not Be The Only Temple Defining The Future Of The BJP

How the Ram temple at Ayodhya became so significant to the Hindutva ideology is an interesting premise to explore with…

Wide Angle: The Coalition Conundrum

Aspirations of a grand alliance against the BJP juggernaut are not new. Be it the 2018 photo-op of opposition leaders holding hands at Kumaraswamy’s swearing-in…

Wide Angle: In Bengal, No One Has It Easy

In a dramatic development in the Rajya Sabha, just before the House was adjourned till March 8, Dinesh Trivedi, founding member of the Trinamool Congress…