Standpoint India is a collective of domain experts, founded with the objective of reflecting India’s diverse realities through disciplined sourcing of opinions, analysis, critiques and knowledge on a wide range of topics concerning the Indian citizenry.

We envision for our readers a deeper understanding of India’s socio-political, economic, cultural and technology related developments through a prism of data.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against insincere criticism of any institution, public or private.

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Standpoint India sees no reason why young adults must be denied the opportunity to actively contribute their thoughts to institutions of public discourse.

To enable the participation of such young thinkers (below 22 years of age) in building and fostering for themselves an ecosystem which caters to issues of specific relevance, including but not limited to matters of social or national interest, ‘YoungThinkers’ has been conceived.

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V. B Routray, political consultant. Consults with the Biju Janata Dal and advises governments across the country on GovTech.

Pratik Kanodia, educator and entrepreneur. He extensively works in the field of education and politics to make it more engaging for youth.