Internships designed to provide young thinkers an opportunity to get behind the scenes of an editorial.

Editorial Intern

Editorial interns are required to write, think, and be great administrators at the same time. They work closely with the core team and ensure the editorial is not just on track, but also grows. Applicants to this role –


  • have a strong flair for discovery and narration of stories
  • are thinkers, love to ideate, and implement plans
  • have good command over language
  • are sticklers for quality and have a sharp eye for detail

Research Intern

Research interns are required to dig deeper into stuff, get to the bottom of things and do what they do best – research. Applicants to this role – 


  • are passionate about diving deep into new topics
  • have the ability to read between lines and are observant
  • can analyse a wide array of data and present a dynamic picture
  • are articulate

Content Development Intern

Content Development interns are required to discover short-form stories and narrate them crisply. Design thinking is an important part of the role. Applicants to this role –

  • keenly follow current affairs
  • have a knack for writing quick reads
  • really know their way around Social Media

Design Intern

Design interns are required to unleash their creativity and express freely (and fearlessly). Applicants to this role –


  • can create original artwork
  • know their way around Adobe Illustrator (Photoshop optional)
  • love politics
  • have an eye for detail
  • can be sarcastic when needed