Unheard. Uncut.

For those seeking to go beyond the book.

Intensive Learning Programmes

Big Ideas. Fine Details.

ILPs are a carefully curated online learning experience covering politicsinternational relationseconomics and public policy. Each ILP is designed to pack the biggest ideas, the finest details and the deepest insights in a way that is accessible, engaging and vigorous.

Multi-dimensional learning experience through 10+ lectures and roundtables that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Case studies that prompt inter-disciplinary learning and provide a contextual understanding of the subject.

Engage with key stakeholders like politicians, bureaucrats and noted industry leaders for enhanced assimilation of knowledge.


Classrooms That Work.

A great classroom is where profound knowledge seamlessly translates into effortless learning. Standpoint keeps this in mind while shortlisting faculty for an ILP, giving their ability to communicate as much consideration as their expertise.