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The Forgotten Friendships Of Savarkar

Imagine jumping out of a ship only to be caught again and tortured. Imagine being sentenced to jail for 50 years. Imagine spending six months in solitary confinement, lying amidst your own urine and faeces. Imagine being tied to chains and doing hard labour on an oil mill. Imagine enduring all the hardships of the […]Read More

Yet Another Ambedkar Rhetoric, And We Still Need More

The leading architect of the Indian Constitution has long been brandished as a political sledgehammer by political groups with varying affiliations to further their electoral agenda. The selective reading of Ambedkar is not limited to the political bourgeoisie, though. Printed into textbooks, read over and over to students, slipped into policy chops, quoted on research […]Read More

Uniform Civil Code: Social Will, Not Political Will Is The

More than six decades later, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s ideas on social reform continue to cut through ideological fault lines like hot knife through butter. In his widely celebrated Annihilation of Caste, an undelivered speech he later published, Ambedkar writes – “Before the Arabs became a political power, they had undergone a thorough religious revolution started by […]Read More