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The India-China Affair: Looking Beyond Territory

On a superficial level, it might seem like aggression is on the rise among the two most powerful nations in Asia. However, a deeper analysis of the India-China relationship tells a slightly different story. Sino-Indian ties have survived bigger lows since the 1962 border conflict; the situation had gone from bad to worse once in 1998 and […]Read More

Is Going All-in On Swadeshi A Good Bet Against The

Over the last few years, repeated proclamations for boycotting Chinese goods have surfaced and re-surfaced, giving young India a taste of what the swadeshi movement might have felt like back in the day. But how much water do these appeals hold in today’s context? Is sacrificing the convenience of Zoom or the fun of TikTok […]Read More

Decoding The Bodo Peace Accord

The North-East is that part of India, which despite holding immense cultural, historic and geographic significance has remained shrouded in ignorance by both its people and its government. Unfortunately, while experts have been busy fighting on prime-time television, this region has fought one of the biggest battles against militancy and foreign insurgency, ongoing since pre-independence. […]Read More