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Simply Stories: Vasuki Demystifies Time

Indeed, to really understand time one must go beyond it. But for those stuck in its seemingly infinite expanse, stories from India’s rich, historic past come to the rescue. Listen to Arjun Narayanan recount this incident from a long, long time ago. Simply StoriesRead More

The Forgotten Friendships Of Savarkar

Imagine jumping out of a ship only to be caught again and tortured. Imagine being sentenced to jail for 50 years. Imagine spending six months in solitary confinement, lying amidst your own urine and faeces. Imagine being tied to chains and doing hard labour on an oil mill. Imagine enduring all the hardships of the […]Read More

PV Narasimha Rao And The Truth Of 1991

Prelude This is the story of India’s Half-lion – a character lost to the crinkly pages of history. 1991 was a chaotic year. The aftermath of the Cold War and the ongoing Gulf War had left the world in turmoil. In India, it had the effect of oil prices soaring and exports dipping. The country […]Read More

Rajendra Chola’s Unprecedented Conquest Of Srivijaya

Prelude  It’s 1025 A.D. Malaysia and parts of Indonesia are still called Srivijaya.  The mighty Shailendras are ruling the archipelago and Maharajah Sangrama Vijayottungavarman is their King. They are exceptionally wealthy, owing to their unchallenged influence over international trade. A strong navy enforces their might on sea.  Meanwhile in India, the Cholas are a formidable force. They now rule over entire Eelam (Sri Lanka), Kerala, Tamil Nadu, large parts of […]Read More

Time For India To Quantify Its Public Diplomacy

The Cham civilisation in Vietnam is back in focus, thanks to the latest find of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as part of the conservation project in My Son in Vietnam. India’s foreign minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar tweeted about a 1,100-year-old monolithic sandstone Shivalinga of 9th CE, as per ASI’s project, which has been […]Read More

Yet Another Ambedkar Rhetoric, And We Still Need More

The leading architect of the Indian Constitution has long been brandished as a political sledgehammer by political groups with varying affiliations to further their electoral agenda. The selective reading of Ambedkar is not limited to the political bourgeoisie, though. Printed into textbooks, read over and over to students, slipped into policy chops, quoted on research […]Read More

The Lived Reality Of Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Indian statesman who rose to the occasion and held the top office at a time when riots were rife, famines were prevalent and the threat of war loomed large. The enormity of his character was visible even to the blind eye, for he was soft-spoken and simple in demeanour, but […]Read More